Project Overview
Annie & Jenny, two passionate florists and friends from the beautiful landscape of New Zealand embarking on their journey with humble flower shop few years ago. Their vision was simple to create a haven a where the beauty of nature could be shared with the community. From fulfilling bulk orders to gifting enchanting roses, Blossom flower shop has become a cherished part of countless lives nationawide.
My Role
UX designer designing a responsive website
Concept, Research, Visuals, Interactions
Project Duration
2 Weeks
The Journey begins
Annie and Jenny’s love for flowers blossomed into a business venture when they opened Blossom Flower Shop. Located in the heart of our community, the shop quickly became a gathering place for flower enthusiasts, dreamers, and those seeking solace in nature’s embrace.
Blossom's commitment
Quality Blooms: Every petal at Blossom is carefully chosen. Our commitment to quality ensures that each arrangement reflects the natural elegance of the flowers
Community Connection: We’re more than a shop; we’re a part of your story. Our customers—wonderful women, families, and friends—have made Blossom their own
Enchanting Roses: Roses hold a special place in our hearts. Whether it’s a romantic gesture or a simple “thinking of you,” our enchanting roses convey emotions that words often cannot.
As Blossom Flower Shop expanded its reach, Annie and Jenny recognized the need for a user-friendly website that would not only showcase their exquisite floral arrangements but also streamline the online ordering process. They reached out to me for web design and to capture the essence of their brand while prioritizing simplicity and accessibility.
Understanding the importance of aligning the website design with Blossom's brand identity and customer expectations, I embarked on a comprehensive UX design process. Collaborating closely with Annie and Jenny, I conducted research to gain insights into their target audience's preferences and behaviors.
Crafting beautiful STORIES: Solution
The key to crafting a successful user experience for Blossom Flower Shop was striking a balance between aesthetics and functionality. Leveraging a clean and intuitive design, I created a visually appealing website that showcased Blossom's stunning floral arrangements while ensuring seamless navigation and easy ordering.
Intuitive Navigation: Streamlined menu structure and clear categorization of products for effortless browsing.
Customizable Filters: Implemented filters for occasions, flower types, and price range to facilitate personalized shopping experiences.
Responsive Design: Ensured compatibility across all devices, providing a consistent experience whether accessing the website from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.
Secure Checkout Process: Implemented robust security measures to instill trust and confidence in customers during the checkout process.
Integration with social media: Incorporated social media links and sharing buttons to encourage engagement and foster community interaction.
The new website significantly enhanced Blossom Flower Shop's online presence and customer engagement. With its intuitive navigation and seamless user experience, the website attracted new customers while retaining existing ones. The incorporation of personalized features and responsive design contributed to increased sales and customer satisfaction.
Collaborating with Blossom Flower Shop to design their website was a rewarding experience. By prioritizing user experience and aligning the design with the client's brand identity, I was able to create a digital platform that reflects the beauty and charm of Blossom's physical store. The success of this project underscores the importance of thoughtful UX design in driving business growth and fostering customer loyalty.
Click the link above to view the sample website of Blossom Flower Shop

Thank you for your time:)

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